Healthy Bowl

We are Sunderland based meal prep catering providing calculated daily calorie intake meal plans delivered to you across Tyne and Wear. We are bringing you a new way of meal prep than you already know and we are first company in North East offering every day service. 

We believe in pure taste and freshness that’s why we cook our meals always on delivery day. Meals are ready to use and should only be heated. 

Our meal prep catering is great idea for busy people who do not have time to cook but want to eat tasty and healthy or others who want to achieve individual goals such as weight loss or gain lean muscle any many more. Our meals provide all the necessary nutrients, and calories intake adjusted to the individual needs.

No more shopping!

No more cooking!
  No more washing up!  

It’s so simple

Just give us a try 😊

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Our nutritionist

Karol is Healthy Bowl's Nutritionist from the beginning. He createtd all meal plans we cook for you!

A certified specialist in the field of nutrition in sport, he works with athletes on a daily basis and holds the highest trophies in their fields. Karol has many years of experience in working with many martial arts fighters, Strongman, bodybuilders, runners and other athletes who participate in various competitions at the level of the most prestigious World Champions, such as the Arnold Sport Festival.

Karol also competed in MMA competitions. He is a person who, apart from very broad theoretical knowledge, has practical knowledge.

In addition, he deals with clinical dietetic on a daily basis, acting only on the basis of scientific research.

He specializes in the digestive tract (IBS / SIBO / IMO intestines, infections, liver, pancreas, stomach), male and female hormones (menstrual disorders, PCOS, libido and many others), brain function (dopamine, serotonin, GABA, 
acetylcholine, i.e. memory, concentration, creativity, focus, nervousness, sleep, 
procrastination and many others), in addition, he is able to help with kidney diseases, thyroid gland, inflammation, depression, heart problems, hypertension, diabetes, insulin resistance, slimming, anemia , lack of energy for life, regulation of sleep and many other diet and style-related diseases. 

In addition, everything is characterized by holistic support, e.g. if there is a problem with sleep, in addition to the diet, they receive a program of 10 
non-dietary principles, which can support the work of sleep.